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Collaborative Learning

EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs




We connect teachers with teachers, principals with principals, and technology staff with:

       technology staff in schools throughout the world.Regularly-scheduled videoconferencing through

VIA E-Solutions, supporting up to 20 participants on screen. White board, file uploads/downloads, and

recorded sessions for asynchronous learning.

       an open marketplace where educators can buy, sell and share original teaching resources.

       Summer Institutes for cyberlearning and networking for educators to foster learning through the 
effective use of technologies and enhance an understanding of how students learn and assess 
learning outcome.

       site visits for best practice and innovative learning environmentsType your paragraph here.

Knowledge Building in Action - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Partnering Classroom

     Around the World       


               The KBIA Model - ​21st Century Skills through partnered classrooms 

Community of Practice for 

Teachers, Principals & Staff




Community of Practice  

for Teachers and Principals

Creating Capacity

for Innovation




Effective in the classroom and in alternative learning environments -

Partner classrooms, after-school programs, international baccalaureate and schools serving the armed forces, alternative schools and prisons,

senior centers, enterprises with foreign subsidiaries, international projects and groups needing to be connected on a regular basis.

-  The KBIA Community of Practicesupports a culture of continuous learning for educators - teachers, principals, technology staff and

teaching aides.

-  TheKnowledge Building International Project focuses activities around a common topic selected by participating teachers, and is

most effective for students ages 8-18, although can be used for younger and older students as well.

*  iPortal E-Learning System supports distance teaching and collaborative learning.

​Past projects included:

Smart Cities K-12 Initiative supports the Global Learning for Global Citizenship Project, inquiry and project-based learning empowering

K-12 students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become informed and engaged citizens of the world. Activities focus on

partnering classrooms world-wide to research challenges facing a community while identifying and promoting technology and services that

improve the quality of life for residents.

Global Education in European Schools Promoting Entrepreneurship - GEESE Network is a transnational collaboration between

universities, businesses and enterprises, education ministries, and school teachers, principals, parents and students to promote an

entrepreneurial spirit in K-20 students.

Learning Exchanges connects the world through Education and Exchanges to promote global competences.