An online platform for E-Learning 

*  Upload your own material    

*  Schedule your interactions

and coordinate group participation

*  Best program for experienced

e-learning instructors 

This is the most economical plan

​available, affordable for most,

*  upload content aligned to the curriculum, including embedded audio, video and links

*  use the wiki featureto enable students to contribute content to a collaborative project. 

*  create quizes and tests that can be timed

*  engage with others via  videoconferencing and chat functions - either one-on-one or with an audience of up to 90 participants

*  participate in a forum around a topic or subject matter

*  use the whiteboard with up to 5 screens and features to upload and download material

*  record sessions for playback via MP4 downloads for asynchronous learning

*  Our staff works with you to develop content   

*  We secure material such as videos, identify links aligned with curriculum

to incorporate in lesson

*  Best program for instructors new

to e-learning or needing to outsource

The Complete TLC Plan

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The Helping Hand Plan

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*  language teachers     * home-schooling teachers     *  tutors or instructors of specialized material     *  researchers collaborating globally     *  businesses and enterprises operating globally

* K-12 teachers     *  school districts with virtual school mandates     *  online training course developers     *  skills and development trainers     *  workplace compliance managers    


The iPortal E-Learning Platform is the perfect environment for distance teaching and collaborative learning -  a cloud-based Learning Management System that makes teaching and learning easier, serving as an online toolkit for teachers, tutors, lecturers and educational trainers

 iPortal connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use in their classroom into one simple place. With intuitive features and generous storage, registered users can quickly

With everything on one platform, the iPortal was designed to give users complete control over their digital classroom.

Who should use iPortal?

Let us help you develop the right e-learning solution to fit your needs!  Contact us about your e-learning needs:

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Around Ideas - a source of economic growth in  

The Knowledge Age 

*  Our staff develops content by

delving deep into your topic to write action-oriented learning material  

*  We create appeal with illustrations

and make complex information clear with infographics.

*  Our Platinum Package allows us

the freedom to get really creative.


Knowledge Building in Action - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Education Technology

Community of Practice for 

Teachers, Principals & Staff


EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs




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Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Challenges
             With Real-World Problem-Solving Skills .

The 4Cs of Future Education Now
Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity 

Creating Capacity

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