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Across the street or around the

world, KBIA linkages prepare 

youth with the global life skills

for an interconnected society.

Computer-supported collaborative

learning promotes 21st Century

skills and the 4Cs of future

education: critical thinking, 

collaboration, communication and


The ALT Learning Ecosystem bundles the Knowledge Forum electronic workspace and VIA videoconferencing for effective collaborative learning and formative assessment tools.

available world-wide

Anywhere there is Internet connectivity


Knowledge Building in Action

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation


Tel: +1 305 351 6815

Mission:  Knowledge Building in Action supports tools, training and exchanges that promote

improved learning outcomes and the acquisition of 21st Century skills for college readiness by

students ages 7-18, the ongoing professional development and improved ICT standards for K-12

educators, formative learning assessment tools, and a centralized repository of resources.

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are tax-deductible. Donations, grants, contracts, matching employment

contributions, planned giving and Amazon Smile donations will enable us

to achieve our goals of transforming education to prepare K-12 students

for success in life.  For more details about how to support KBIA, please

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  • District Superintendents
  • School Principals
  • Teachers/Teaching Aides
  • Technology Staff
  • Researchers
  • Instructors
  • Higher education faculty and staff
  • ​Business and industry leaders

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Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Challenges

The ALTE Global Learning Ecosystem incorporates learning tools supported

by highly-researched education technology related to knowledge-building

pedagogy into a complete ecosystem for learning and teaching. 

Other projects sponsored by Knowledge Building in Action include:

  The  KBIA Community of Practice  supports a culture of continuous learning

for educators - teachers, principals, technology staff and teaching aides. 

  The Knowledge Building International Project  focuses activities around

a common topic selected by participating teachers in partnered classrooms.

 Smart Cities K-12 Initiative is the Global Learning for Global Citizenship project

to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become

informed and engaged citizens of the world through inquiry and project-based learning.  

• Global Education in European Schools Promoting Entrepreneurship  is

a transnational collaboration between universities, businesses and enterprises,

education ministries and schools to promote an entrepreneurial spirit in K-20 students.

 Learning Exchanges connects the world through education and exchanges

to promote global competences.

The Knowledge-Building Model

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning within cultures of

inquiry and evidence to unlock critical thinking and creativity 

based on an exchange of ideas and research around common

themes and contextualized phenomenon learning. Promotes 

 21st Century skills, college readiness and global competence, bundled to connect students and educators around the world.



Supporting a Community of Practice to

connect educators with their peers and

partner classrooms around the world.

Who can join?

Knowledge Building in Action - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

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P.O. Box 530549, Miami FL 33153-0549

Tel:  +1  305  351  6815


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University /

School District

Partnership Model

Effective in a wide range of learning

environments to make connections 

Partnering classrooms, after-school programs,

international baccalaureate and schools

serving the armed forces, alternative schools

and prisons, senior centers, enterprises with

foreign subsidiaries, international projects and

groups needing to be connected on a regular